UMG - Live Consumer Platforms


Live streamed concerts with exceptional viewing figures



To capitalise on the demand for live-streaming concerts, Island Records briefed LoveLive to create a Direct to Consumer platform to promote two of their 2011 priority artists:

  • Multi-platinum selling artist Florence + The Machine’s new album launch from Hackney Empire, Oct 2011
  • 2011 Mercury Music Prize winner PJ Harvey’s performance from The Royal Albert Hall, Nov 2011



With free to consumer Live streaming prevalent across the last 12 months, LoveLive looked to explore a paid-for version of such a format – marketed specifically towards the artists’ fanbases and PR-ed across the blogosphere. The concert was made available via the official artists’ websites (plus integrated link on Facebook), as well as The Guardian. For a £3.99 (Flo) & £2.99 (PJ) fee consumers received:

  • A unique access code to watch the concerts play out live
  • Live chat function to engage in conversation with fellow concert viewers
  • Digital downloadable souvenir programmes for the concert, received the day after the show

Additionally, a 60 minute special was produced around the Florence + The Machine concert for Channel 4, featuring the live concert footage, exclusive interviews and backstage material.

LoveLive managed the following areas:

  • AV Production - 10 camera HD quality shoots with multi-tracked audio
  • Digital Development - including PPV mechanic
  • Live Stream
  • Multi-platform Distribution – online, mobile and TV
  • Rights Clearance
  • Strategic Planning & Campaign Creation
  • Secured Guardian media partnership



We remain under NDA with clients, and as such cannot disclose all information, save that the shows generated:

  • Exceptional viewing figures reaching beyond the artists’ immediate fanbases
  • Significant conversation amongst social communities
  • Worldwide reach – views across multiple international territories
  • Over 100,000 Unique Users on the Guardian Music site, in addition to the wider social and artist fan base  



Fan quotes – taken from the wall:

"Just out of this world, Twice i've seen Florence + the Machine in the flesh, this is just as brilliant in every way! EPIC and i never use that word. Truely magnificent." 

"Thank you, Florence + the Machine! Thank you, webmasters and everyone working to make this happen! Thank you, Internet! “

“#perfection. that is all.”

“British music at its best, amazing That was absolutely divine!!! “

“WOW!!! A million times better than I could have dreamed!!! She was so stunning and her performance was absolutely flawless!!! AMAZING!!!! And I have new songs to sing while im at work!!! “

“The best start of my day ever!!!!!!! It's 7.50am here in QLD Australia”

“BEST £3.99 EVER “

“Incredible!!!!! Although I knew it would be. Love from California!”

“Live from Canada!!! It was wonderful!!!”

“Streaming from Norway and loving it, although I wish I could be there in person!”

“Omg that was so fun, best livestream ive ever watched 33 I MUST SEE HER LIVE! soon, soon hopefully :)”